Lord March pops in for a hello

Welcome Home K2K

By on September 14, 2014

Chris, Domenic and Laurance arrived home to a fantastic welcome on Friday at The Festival of Speed.

Leaving the luxuries of a Holiday Inn after a night with 150 bikers at The Ace Cafe, the team were escorted into Goodwood’s Festival of Speed under the cover of the Red Arrows.

As the Red Arrows soared overhead the team made the entrance and were met by a huge crowd at the Mission Motorsport stand.  ITV’s Nicky Shields was there to conduct an interview which will be shown on the channels Festival of Speed coverage in a few weeks.

Lord March came to personally welcome and congratulate Chris who had managed to drive over 5200 miles and across 3 deserts on his Honda Veradero which will now be retired to Chichester Honda until Chris’ return to the UK later in the year.

The K2K team handed over the keys for the Toyota Landcruiser to James Cameron of Mission Motorsport.

Chris and the K2K team rasied £25,000 in cash and donated a further £20,000 worth of equipment to Mission Motorsport bringing his total amount raised to £45,000

Chris went on to enjoy the weekend and then returned to Afghanistan to plan his next trip!