Firstly Shorsec Racing would like to thank all sponsors involved in the K2K trip in 2014 these sponsors include

No Lemon, Toyota, Chichester Honda, Intrepid TV, Adrian Flux, ICA, Atlas and AMS.

K2K are looking for two types of sponsors. Financial Sponsors who will make a donation to K2K (100% of which will go to Mission Motorsport) in return for advertising space on our kit, vehicles and website and Product Sponsors who will donate kit and equipment needed by the team to complete the trip from Kabul to The Kennels.

To ensure the charity benefit from all donations, the K2K team pledges to either auction or give any product to Mission Motorsport after the trip is complete.

The size of the donation will dictate the extent of advertising. K2K will provide a suggested level of donation for each tier of sponsorship.

Media coverage is  expected throughout the trip by both UK and international outlets.

K2K will be producing a film documentary of the trip which will be shown throughout the UK in 2014 at invitational screenings.

For information on sponsorship please contact info@shorsec.com